Food to Avoid After LASIK Eye Surgery

Many of us think every food can be eaten in every condition but that’s not true! Not every time and not in every situation or in conditions we can eat all types of food. For example, if you suffer from a cold then you guys have to avoid ice cream and cold drinks and ice. Just in the case of LASIK eye surgery you have to avoid some food.

Here are some foods that you guys should avoid after LASIK eye surgery and why?

  • Sugar:- After LASIK eye surgery you guys should avoid sugar for some time. Added sugar in food and drink is rich in calories and nothing gives your body a nutritional value. When you eat or drink added sugar you feel a short burst of energy. Germs thrive on sugar which is another reason to avoid sugary foods. So even when you love sugary foods you have to avoid them.


  • Avoid food that makes a chance of constipation:- Constipation after surgery is a very normal problem that occurs due to prescription pain medicines- are often used in the starting days and you may know the side effect of decreasing the movement of the intestine. So some foods can increase constipation and it can increase your pain level and due to this you guys can have stress. So it is important to avoid whenever possible.

Here are some food that you should avoid:-

  1. Dairy product: you guys have to avoid milk, full-fat dairy products like ice-cream.
  2. Red meat: saturated fat is found mostly in red meat and beaf and this causes constipation so you should avoid this.
  3. Sweets: as per I mentioned in above points sugar is not good for you after having LASIK eye surgery and in sweets mostly pastries, candies and cakes these items you have to avoid if you don’t want to get constipation.


  • Spicy food: You guys need a balanced diet and there are some foods that contain spice and to avoid for the sake of your eye. You have to eat something that contains less spice and sour. You just avoid eating hot pepper, chilli, onion. After LASIK eye surgery you should avoid seafood no matter how much you love it.


  • Alcohol: After the surgery you think to take a sip of alcohol to cheer you up but this will slow down the rate of blood clotting. This thing will take longer to heal and you will also have an increased risk of bleeding. Alcohol increases the high risk of infection and swelling. You may think alcohol will help you to feel better but alcohol and pain medication does not mix well so you just have to avoid this. 

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